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It's going to be meaningful and worthwhile!

I will send a history form for you to fill out so that I can understand your particular situation. These details may offer important clues to help with what is going on, the reason for this consult. Please take the time to submit your history form in ample time for me to review it thoroughly before our visit.  


  • to take away some clear action items in the form of a care plan.
    I will explain, demo and make sure that you understand the rationale for the recommendations. If the care plan includes a physical technique, I will ensure that you are comfortable being able to practice toward mastery.

  • for baby to be weighed before and after a feeding.
    It is important to keep the same diaper on for before and after, so a fresh diaper before the start of the visit is a good idea. 

  • for me to observe you feeding your baby, to exam baby's mouth, and your breasts.
    I will want to see what you and baby are doing and how it's working so I can make suggestions.

  • for us to meet again for a follow-up.
    I will be available for questions /clarification between our consults. Sometimes one visit is the charm - let's hope for that.


Expect me to listen and validate!


  • schedule for a start time when baby will be hungry.
    If baby is hungry before we get together, try to give just the minimal feeding so that I will be able to see a feeding, too. 

  • have an area where we can meet comfortably and have your supports available (pillows, nipple shield, etc.)
    I will want to watch you from different angles and ideally without too many disruptions from pets or siblings. 
    Partners are invited and encouraged to learn with you.

  • have pump and flanges ready to go.
    if this is a visit where we will be discussing pumping.

You are doing so much already. And you don't have to do it alone.

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